Our Expertise

At HC1, we are constantly striving to excel in our businesses, both at pre-acquisition and post-acquisition phase. Our unique expertise is in undertaking due diligence of prospective opportunities expeditiously, on-boarding new acquisitions smoothly and bringing operational efficiencies post acquisition. Some of the key activities we undertake after an asset is acquired include:

  • Implementing best-in-class O&M practices and managing day to day operational challenges
  • Plugging revenue leakages and reducing exemptions
  • Upgrading Toll Management Systems
  • Refinancing the project debt to maximise equity returns
  • Improving safety of our roads and road users
  • Ensuring good governance by competent teams
  • Complying with law

Our focus and commitment towards road safety is our key distinction. Developing world class infrastructure, ensuring consistent maintenance of our assets and continuous social engagement are the salient features we employ towards achieving this goal.

At HC1, our strength is our people. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals who work passionately to deliver exceptional results to all our stakeholders. Our team’s dedication and enthusiasm helps the company achieve its goals.