Social Responsibility

Road Safety

Emphasis on road safety is a fundamental aspect of our business and social engagement across SPVs.

Some of our key initiatives towards safety are:

  • Developing Road Safety platform and resources
  • Organising seminars on Road Safety
  • Safety training @ schools, colleges, eateries, etc.
  • Identification of blackspots based on accident analysis
  • Traffic/warning signs instituted on a war footing
  • Permanent action in terms of PUP/VUPs etc. proposed for Authority approval
  • ‘Our Roads  Our Lives’ a program to provide local youth a training in life skills and road safety at Bhopal with Magic Bus.

Caring for Community

Overall growth of a society can succeed only if we improve the quality of life of its members. Our commitment to community development goes above and beyond the call of duty.  We aspire to improve the quality of life of communities in the vicinity of our projects.

Some of our initiatives towards development of community are

  • Infrastructure development for nearby villages
  • Providing teachers for Government schools
  • Distributing stationery to schools
  • Conducting health awareness programs like health checkup camps, yoga etc.
  • Distribution of First-Aid kit to drivers

Green Footprints

We are committed to protecting and maintaining the environment in and around our projects, beyond the requirements of the Concession Agreement and IRC guidelines. Providing a green corridor not just enhances the aesthetic value of our roads but also helps to combat air and noise pollution, reduce soil erosion, prevent glare from nighttime oncoming traffic.

Some of the efforts made to achieve this goal are

  • Plantation on both sides and the dividers of our highways
  • Maintaining nurseries near our toll plazas for quick action
  • Vertical gardens on some pillars at Bangalore Elevated road project
  • Plantation drive in schools, colleges and hospitals in our project areas

Energy Efficiency

The Government of India is taking several initiatives to promote ecologically sustainable growth while addressing India’s energy challenge. A graduated shift of economic activities to ‘non-fossil fuels’ and ‘renewable sources’ of energy will constitute a major contribution by India to the global effort of reducing our carbon footprint.

An initiative in this regard has been to install rooftop solar plants at our following toll plazas:-

  • UEPL, Tamil Nadu – 60 KW (Vikavandi toll plaza)
  • NBL, Telangana – 60 KW (Gamjal toll plaza)
  • DBCPL, Madhya Pradesh – 3×25 KW (Amlaha, Bhourasa, Fanda toll plaza)