Team Synergy

At Highway Concessions One Private Limited, we enable our people to learn, evolve and prosper. Organizing training events, workshops, awareness programs is a part of this initiative. We have also introduced a Staff Appreciation and Recognition Scheme(STAR), to recognize and reward employees for exceptional performance.

At Highway Concessions One Private Limited, we don’t just work together, we are a family. Personal achievements, important landmarks, festivals etc, we honour each with equal enthusiasm. Celebrating together has created an ambience of love and togetherness, encouraging team bonding.


Technophilia is our intra-company technical conference to discuss new technologies and developments in the industry for the benefit and value addition of the technical team. Technophilia 2016 and 2017 had special discussions on topics like Effective Maintenance of Roads, Safety Awareness, Key changes in Labour Laws, Rigid Pavement, Flexible Pavement, ETC Awareness, Bridge Health Inspection etc. by a panel of experts. Serious discussions were interspersed by interactive games and activities making it a great learning experience.

Annual Offsite

At Highway Concessions One Private Limited, our Annual Team Offsite is dedicated on one hand to an extended conversation about strategy and goals. They’re a time to bring people together to make decisions so you can go back to the office the next day and start taking action. On the other hand, it is also a weekend of fun where we enjoy team games, adventure activities and quality time spent with friends and family. Highway Concessions One Private Limited has had offsites at Pench National Park, Jadhavgarh Fort and Alibaug. Altogether, they were a delightful experience and go a long way in building team spirit.


At Highway Concessions One Private Limited, we encourage our people to participate in sports in order to maintain their health and fitness. Organizing events like the ‘Stepathalon’, ‘Sports Fest’, ‘Yoga Day’, ‘Health Awareness Workshops’ and participation in local marathons takes us closer to our goal. Our commitment is to see an all-round development of our people to help them lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Training & Development

At Highway Concessions One Private Limited, we believe that our employees are truly the brand ambassadors of our company. In order for our people to stand apart from the rest, it is very essential to upgrade their skills and knowledge. Periodic training and development workshops are organized on Management, Soft skills, Technical Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Basic Skill Development, Time Management, Effective leadership etc. to aid in their professional and personal growth.


At Highway Concessions One Private Limited, we work hard but we party as well. Festivals like Diwali and Christmas, Women’s Day and Environment Day, birthdays and personal achievements are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Celebrating together creates that happy moment to de-stress our team members and builds a spirit of camaraderie amongst our people.