About HC1

About HC1

Highway Concessions One Private Limited (HC1) is the roads platform for Global Infrastructure Partners India LLP (GIP India), whose objective is to manage and operate roads assets. As on date, HC1 manages 7 roads assets (organised as individual SPVs) – 5 Toll roads and 2 Annuity roads, located across 7 different states in India. In addition to management of road assets, HC1 is also actively involved in due diligence of new projects under acquisition and bids being evaluated by GIP India. The 35+ member strong team has a rich experience in managing all aspects of the roads business, including operations, regulatory, contracts, finance, accounting, secretarial and human resources.

HC1 is a unique platform as it is able to smoothly and swiftly take over operations of acquired projects, while at the same time ensuring good governance, compliance with law apart from undertaking other initiatives to maximize equity return for shareholders (eg. Refinancing). We excel in operational efficiency of our projects by installing technology solutions, with the objective of improving the experience of the users travelling on our roads and providing a safer ride to the commuters.

We aspire to increase our portfolio to 20-25 projects in the next three to five years, by leveraging on the various growth opportunities provided by the sector.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To be a name to reckon within our industry.

Mission: To enhance the value of our roads portfolio and provide the road users a world class experience.

Belief: Highest safety standards coupled with best practices will help us forge ahead in our mission.

Endeavor: To accomplish operational excellence by constantly upgrading our technology and systems.

Values – PRIDE

Passion: Passion towards work and the business is an intrinsic part of our culture. An inspiring and engaging environment helps us in the relentless pursuit of our objectives.

Respect: We admire diversity of people and ideas, irrespective of the level of experience. Mutual respect and collaboration leads to a positive synergy across the group.

Integrity: Our commitment is to maintain the highest ethical standards and professionalism. Integrity in all spheres, be it financial, intellectual or behavioural is the foundation of our organization.

Development: Continuous development through learning and experience is our motto. Constant growth of every individual and the team leads to the success of the business.

Excellence: Our goal is to achieve excellence at every level. We strive to attain this through sheer hard work and perseverance.